Lexi V.

Veterinary Assistant

Lexi joined our clinic in the summer of 2022. Ever since she can remember, Lexi has been interested in animal welfare. Currently, she is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree and aspires to be a veterinarian.

She has a strong interest in holistic medicine and behavioural rehabilitation. She believes all animals should be given a chance at happiness and that there is always a compassionate solution to behavioural concerns. In the future, she hopes to travel and volunteer her veterinary services at various rescues and wildlife rehabilitation centres.

When not at work, Lexi shadows a professional dog obedience trainer and plans to obtain her dog training certification. She also enjoys exploring the river with her partner and two puppies, Danza and Boa, as well as cuddling at home with her cats, Roo, Yogurt, and Corvus.