If your pet is lost, microchipping helps ensure they can safely make it home to you. If your pet is returned to a shelter and they have no permanent pet ID, there’s no way for them to contact you. Microchipping gives your pet the best chance of being identified. It’s essential to have your pet microchipped as soon as possible since you can’t anticipate when they’ll get lost. 

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What is the implantation process?

Implantation is a fast and non-invasive process. With the help of a needle, we implant the microchip under your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. Your pet doesn’t need to be put under general anesthesia since they’ll only feel a slight pinch after the needle is inserted. Your pet’s shoulder could be slightly swollen near the implantation area, but there are generally no side effects. Some pet owners opt for the implantation to be done at the same time as other procedures, like spaying or neutering. Otherwise, you can schedule the implantation at any other time you have an appointment. 

How is a microchip detected?

Veterinarians and shelters use a handheld scanner to detect a microchip once a lost pet is recovered. We typically run the scanner along the areas of your pet’s body where microchips are typically implanted. If we find one, the scanner brings up the identification number connected to the microchip. We contact the chip’s manufacturer to find the owner’s contact information based on what’s registered in the pet recovery database. We’ll give you a call based on the information you’ve provided. 

Does my pet still need to wear tags?

Even if your pet has a microchip, tags are an added type of pet ID that allows your pet to be identified. Just like with your contact information in the pet recovery database, it’s important to keep your current phone number on your pet’s tags. Contact information engraved on tags tends to wear away over time, so check them frequently to see if they’re still legible. To book your appointment to have your pet microchipped, please contact us at 403-253-7044.

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