Parasite Control and Prevention

Parasites can create a range of health issues for your furry friend. Whether they make a home out of your pet’s insides or only create external problems, taking preventative measures to protect your pet against them is a vital part of their routine health regimen. If your pet isn’t currently on a parasite control plan, please get in touch with us at 403-253-7044.

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What are internal parasites?

Internal parasites take up residence inside your pet, often overstaying their welcome unless you show them the way out. They can cause lasting impacts on your pet’s internal systems long after the infection has been treated. For example, suppose your pet is bitten by a mosquito that deposits heartworm larvae into their skin. In that case, they make their way into your pet’s body and eventually move to their heart and nearby vessels when they become adults. Heartworm disease can be fatal if your pet doesn’t receive the proper care in time. Other internal parasites include: 

  • Tapeworms 
  • Hookworms 
  • Roundworms 
  • Whipworms 

Can external parasites harm humans?

External parasites don’t only pose a risk to pets. They can transmit a range of diseases to humans as well. Ticks can pass on Lyme disease, which can create complications in the joints, heart and nervous system. Fleas can transmit Bartonella disease (Cat Scratch Fever), which causes brain fog, muscle pain, loss of appetite and swollen glands. Ensuring your pet is on a monthly parasite preventive safeguards them and your entire family. 

Can natural remedies protect against parasites?

Natural remedies often aren’t available in a strong enough dosage to ensure your pet is protected against parasite infections. These could also only target specific types of parasites versus giving your pet broad-spectrum protection. Parasite control plans include a range of medications, including oral and topical, that provide protection against internal and external parasites when combined and taken as prescribed. The medication should be taken around the same time every month to ensure its effectiveness.

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