Surgical Services

Our veterinary team performs a wide range of soft tissue surgeries at our practice. Our expert team of technicians and veterinarians are at your pet’s side at every step before, during, and after surgery. For advanced procedures, we can refer you to one of the specialist surgical centers in town.

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What types of surgeries do you perform?

We can perform a range of elective and emergency procedures in our surgical suite. We use a range of techniques, including laser surgery, to ensure your pet has the best possible results after their procedure. Some procedures we perform include: 

  • Spaying 
  • Neutering 
  • Gastrointestinal surgery 
  • Tumour or mass removal 
  • Respiratory surgery

What is laser surgery?

Soft tissue laser surgery provides a different approach from standard surgeries. Instead of using a traditional surgical place to make incisions, our laser “vaporizes” your pet’s tissue. This seals blood vessels, nerve endings and lymphatics. This reduces the amount of bleeding and bruising your pet will experience before and after their procedure.  It also reduces the risk of infections and speeds up your pet’s recovery time. We commonly use laser surgery to perform spaying, neutering, oral, dermatology and other procedures. 

How should I care for my pet after surgery?

After surgery, it’s important to closely follow our post-operative instructions to ensure your pet recovers well and doesn’t develop complications of an infection. You should ensure they avoid scratching at their stitches, surgical wounds stay dry, physical activity is limited immediately after, swimming is avoided and that they stay hydrated. Some signs of post-surgery infections include redness near the surgical wound, excessive bleeding, shaking, hiding, drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. If these symptoms continue 24 hours after the procedure, please call us at 403-253-7044.

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