Veterinary Exam

We recommend wellness exams at least once a year, depending on your pet’s age and overall health. We want to see them more often if they’re in their earlier stages of life, golden years or have underlying health issues. To book your pet’s next wellness exam, please contact us at 403-253-7044.

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Does my pet need a wellness exam if they’re not sick?

Wellness exams are our regular checkups with you and your pet. These appointments are just as much about you as they are about your pet. They are an opportunity for us to share important information about how you can better care for and meet your pet’s needs. You can also share any observations or concerns you have with our veterinary team to get our expert advice. We perform a few routine procedures, like a physical examination, to determine your pet’s overall health and determine ways we can support them better. 

What types of questions will you ask about my pet?

The information you share allows us to tailor their wellness plan to their specific needs. A wellness plan includes everything from their dental care to parasite control plan. Be prepared to answer questions about certain aspects of your pet’s health, such as:

  • Physical activity level 
  • Behaviour 
  • Dietary needs 
  • Lifestyle 

How do they help keep my pet healthy?

Consider that our pets cannot tell us if they are ill or are in any discomfort or pain. A yearly wellness exam includes a thorough physical examination, vaccine boosters and diagnostic testing when needed. For example, with senior pets, testing enables us to detect many issues dismissed as “aging” but are actually signs of illness that could be treated. Based on our examination and tests, we provide recommendations about your pet’s nutrition, joint health, exercise, teeth and support to address any underlying health concerns.

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