Understanding the Importance of Anesthetic Dental Cleanings for Pets

It’s natural to want the best for our pets, including keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Some pet parents believe a “gentle dental” cleaning, performed without anesthesia, is sufficient. However, this method falls short of providing the thorough care needed to maintain you pet’s dental health.

Here’s why full anesthetic dental cleanings at a veterinary clinic are essential:

Comprehensive Cleaning: A proper dental cleaning under anesthesia allows veterinarians to clean plaque and tartar not only on the surface but also below the gum line, where serious dental issues often begin.

Hidden Problems: Anesthetic-free dental cleanings only address the visible part of the teeth. Tartar and plaque beneath the gums continue to damage teeth and gums, leading to severe health problems if left untreated.

Stress and Safety: Anesthetic-free cleanings can be very stressful for pets. Unlike humans, pets don’t understand why their mouths are being touched and may need to be restrained for extended periods, causing anxiety. The scraping of dental tools can also be uncomfortable or painful.

Avoiding Harm: Dental tools can leave grooves in the teeth that make it easier for tartar to build up. Without proper polishing, these grooves become problematic. Additionally, if there are any diseased teeth that need extraction, this can’t be done without anesthesia, leaving your pet in pain and at risk for further issues.

Overall Health: Tartar buildup harbours bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and affect vital organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys. Regular anesthetic dental cleanings prevent this risk by ensuring a thorough removal of harmful tartar.

Just like humans, pets need regular dental care to maintain their oral health. Brushing your pet’s teeth with pet-specific toothpaste can help, but even with daily brushing, some tartar buildup is inevitable and will require professional cleaning.

During an anesthetic dental cleaning at a veterinary clinic, each tooth is scaled to remove tartar, evaluated for any issues, and polished to prevent future buildup. This comprehensive approach ensures that any dental problems are identified and addressed early, keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Remember, investing in full anesthetic dental cleanings is not just about a cosmetic fix—it’s about ensuring your pet’s long-term health and well-being.