How to Choose a Veterinarian

Whether you’ve just moved to the area or just brought home your first pet, finding the right veterinarian can be a trying process. You don’t want to select just any old hospital that happens to be up the road.

Here at Britannia Kingsland Veterinary Clinic, we understand the importance of finding the right veterinary clinic and ensuring it is properly suited to care for your furry best friend.

Here to help & easy to talk to: The best practices are those open to any questions you may have. Our team appreciates that every pet owner has different philosophies and concerns on proper care for their pet, and the right veterinary team will be willing to hear and address all of these with compassion and without judgment.

That being said, we have many years of training and experience to bring, so we can also debunk any harmful internet theories that can compromise the health of the patient.

Warm and inviting atmosphere: Like a great people doctors’ office, a great veterinary team is about more than just their expertise. You and your pet should feel welcome when you come in and have great interactions with the front receptionists, vet techs, and veterinarians. We are happy to take the time to listen to your concerns and thoroughly explain the situation and care options for your pet.

High-quality medical equipment: While one shouldn’t expect a clinic to have every new piece of technology the moment it comes out, you should expect an updated facility that takes good care of its equipment so everything operates effectively. With our team, you can rest assured that we always have modern medical equipment and keep up with digital advancements.

Pleasant odour: One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting us, is the smell or lack thereof. We are a scent-free team, understanding that not all perfumes are pleasant for everyone. You may, on occasion, smell some cleaning agents if we have had a particularly smelly situation, but we try to keep the smells isolated to one area of the clinic.

Ask around: As with any profession, one of the best ways to find a great veterinary clinic is to ask around and get referrals. We provide care for many pets within the surrounding community, and we encourage you to ask some of your fellow pet owners if they have experience with our veterinary care here at Britannia Kingsland Veterinary Clinic.

At the end of the day, it sometimes boils down to what you feel is right for you and your pet. The Britannia Kingsland team hopes the above tips will help you get one step closer to finding the perfect veterinary team in us and allow our dedicated team to care for your furry best friends for all their medical and wellness needs.