Weight Management

Your pet’s weight is more than aesthetics. Being overweight can be detrimental to their health, causing a range of health issues. Overweight pets tend to have a shorter lifespan. Weight management is a helpful tool that not only supports your pet’s weight loss but can improve their overall quality of life. 

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How do you create my pet’s weight management plan?

First, we start by determining your pet’s healthy weight. This involves assessing their weight, activity level, age, breed and underlying health issues. We’ll provide you with the steps and resources you need to support your furry family member through their weight loss journey. Our veterinary team is also happy to weigh in on any of your pet’s daily foods, feeding schedule and treats to ensure they align with the other healthy changes you are making on their behalf. 

What foods can promote weight loss?

Weight management includes revising your pet’s eating habits. We recommend specific diets that will work best for your pet. ​We carry a large selection of exclusive veterinary diets including Royal Canin/Medical, Hill’s Prescription Diets, Purina, and Iams. If the food you need isn’t available, we can special order it and have it in the clinic for you to pick up within a few days. To learn more about weight management, please contact us at 403-253-7044.

What other things can help my pet lose weight?

Your pet’s weight management plan will include specific ways you can promote weight loss: 

  • Physical activities like swimming or walking
  • Engaging in play as a reward for good behaviour
  • Changing the location of your pet’s food 
  • Introducing new toys that promote movement

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